Welcome to the nursery "Les Hortensias du Haut-Bois",
landscaped 13 hectare park in central Brittany, France.

Welcome to our Nursery ‘Les Hortensias du Haut-Bois’, a nursery UNIQUE IN EUROPE where is presented a collection of over 750 varieties of Hydrangeas full-earth grown.

Come discover an exceptional site of 13 hectares (32 acres) of hydrangeas in bloom.

All the varieties, from 2 year-old plants to full-grown hydrangeas, are sold at the nursery, by correspondence or at flower shows (see tab ‘actualities’ for dates and cities).

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While coming to see us, you will be able to discover :


  • The nursery and its gardens

But also

  • The ‘Circuit des Hortensias’



The gardens of the nursery

During the past two years you have been able to discover within the nursery’s park the creation of new gardens. This is the beginning of a herculean task. These different scenes will highlight the diversity of hydrangeas associated with other shrubs, perennials and grasses (collection of perennials geranium, Miscanthus, thistles…)

Over 390 varieties have already been presented in our landscape arrangements and mixed-borders. Knowing that we produce over 750 varieties of hydrangeas, it allows us to create many more arrangements very different from the ones already in place.




  These gardens, at the heart of the nursery are the beginning of a future “Big” garden that will connect a pond, thousand year old trees and the numerous fields of hydrangeas grown in open soil.


The small garden


This garden created in 2012 is made of 8 massifs in which are planted over 250 hydrangeas. Some hydrangeas are also presented in pots along the pathways.

The designing of the small garden started in January 2012 and ended in May 2012. The first year all the hydrangeas were in bloom because we planted adult plants to have an immediate effect.

The lines of this garden are sinuous in order for the visitors to discover another flower shape or colour at every corner. For the creation of this garden no exterior help was needed.

It was created little by little in order to make the right choices and give full creativity to my imagination.







While walking through the garden, you can spot the varieties that interest you and come ask one of our gardeners for more information.



Faustine’s garden


This garden is situated at the entrance of the nursery and was created between November 2012 and April 2013. 11 massifs were created with hydrangeas, perennials and shrubs.

While clearing the garden, a ruin was found. It has been transformed into a sheltered terrace and a renewed house where may be our future boutique.

More than 105 different hydrangeas have been planted in these different spaces. Most of them had been cultivated in 4/5L, 10L and 45L containers.

With this garden it is the entrance of the nursery that has completely changed. More light and colorful plants, makes it more pleasant to come and visit the rest of the nursery and its park.





There are always new projects in mind. This spring 2014, you will be able to see the creation of a garden that is the link between the “Small garden” and the pond “La Marre Beauté”.

A collection of hydrangea arborescent will be planted, associated with roses and perennials.


The “Circuit des Hortensias”

Since 2000, we supply the city of Ploërmel all the hydrangeas that you can find on the “Circuit des Hortensias”

A wonderful showcase for our nursery, this circuit, situated in Brittany is unique in France.

More than 550 varieties are listed and identified with nameplates. This park has been approved by the National Conservatory of Specialized Plant Collections (CCVS).

Situated at 2km from the nursery, the circuit is a wonderful showcase for plantation of hydrangeas.




This park can be visited all year long and there is no access fee. In the summer you can sign up for a guided tour of the park

The 3 kilometer circuit starts at the Hotel ‘Le Roi Arthur’, continues along the ‘Lac au Duc’ and around the golf course.

The ‘Lac au Duc’ covers over 200 hectares and  provid endless eye catching scenery right in the center of the park, in the beauty of this site planted with over 5 500 hydrangeas.

Brittany is symbolized by hydrangeas flowers. Their different colours, their generosity while in bloom, make this walk around the ‘Lac au Duc’ a romantic walk that thousands of tourists visit every year.

To go to the ‘Circuit des Hortensias’: from Ploermël, take direction the ‘Lac au Duc’, Taupont (D8). At the supermarket, pass under the old railroad and take the first on your right after the round-about (parking, picnic tables, restroom).

Coordonnées :

Office de Tourisme de Ploërmel Terres de Légendes

5, rue du Val - 56804 PLOËRMEL Cedex

02 97 74 02 70

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